Bed Bug
Bed Bugs have made a resurgence in the past 8 to 10 years.  Once you get Bed Bugs, it is difficult to get rid of them.  This bug has only one way to defend itself and that is to hide.  They will not only be on your mattress or box spring, but they will hide in night stands, clothes, bureaus, electrical outlets, behind pictures on the wall and even under baseboards when the population starts to get high.  The bed bug has an incomplete life cycle (egg, nymph, adult).  They will go through a process called molting, which is, after feeding on a human, they shed their exoskeleton to grow.  This is called an instar.  They will go through about 5 instars before becoming an adult.  An infestation can come from anywhere from people visiting to getting a piece of furniture from a friend that already has them.  When a bed bug feeds on you, they saw through you skin, inject saliva that has a painkiller with anticoagulants, and feed for about 5 minutes.  They do not feed every day, so if you get bit on consecutive days, that means there is more than one.

Control of the Bed Bug is to start with a plan of attack.  Start with an inspection to see what kind of population you may have.  DO NOT USE A FLEA BOMB, IT WILL ONLY GET WORSE.  Once population gets confirmed, you must bag all clothes and run them in a dryer on high heat for thirty minutes.  Do not take them out of the bag until instructed to.  Then you must throw away any unwanted item before treatment can start.  NO MISTAKES CAN BE MADE OR YOU WILL NOT GET RID OF THEM.  At this time, Millers Pest Control eliminates Bed Bugs by spraying.  Spraying for Bed Bugs is very effective as long as you get 100% cooperation of the homeowner and/or tenant.

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