There are many snakes that live in the State of Vermont.  The best way to find out what snake is a nuisance to you, we would have to come out and look.  If the situation is a little bit more difficult, then Millers Pest Control has access to a local snake professional that will help in snake removal.  Below are a couple of snakes we have encountered already.

Garter Snake- This snake is also known as the Gardener Snake.  There are many species of this snake and it is harmless to you.  It does sometimes bite while trying to protect itself.  Their food source ranges from frogs, slugs, earthworms, ants, rodents, etc.  These snakes will inhabit fields, forests, grasslands and even lawns.  Most of the time, a rock retaining wall is the location of habitat.  The control of this snake could be difficult if the food supply is plenty and if the conditions allow them to harbor near a structure.  Using a repellant is recommended as well as physical removal.

Milk snakes- This snake is not a very common pest in the State of Vermont.  They are here, but not seen very often.  They are not venomous.  Like all snakes, if they feel threatened, they will strike.  The most familiar to the area is the Eastern Milk Snake.  It resembles other snakes such as the Fox Snake, Scarlet Snake, and the Massassauga Rattlesnake.   The Massassauga Rattlesnake is NOT in the north east, but you should take caution when approach it.  The control is to try and catch the females.  If the females are gone, the males will leave.  Physical control is the most effective control.

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