The most important steps in mosquito control is identification and the source of reproduction.  Eliminating the source, if possible, is crucial to the control of mosquitos.  Some kinds of mosquitos are vectors of carrying and transferring disease.  There have been cases of West Nile Virus in Vermont, as well as horses and humans showing Eastern Equine Encephalitis (EEE).  Protection from mosquitos is very important, especially when new vectors get introduced like the Zika Virus.

Northern House Mosquito- It is the most common species encountered.  This mosquito can be found in permanent waters like lakes and ponds, but can also be found in old tire puddles and drainage ditches.  They like high organic nutrient content, so clean or polluted water will be used.  They produce multiple generations during breeding season and overwinter as an inseminated female.  They primarily feed at dusk and dawn, but have been known to feed all night.
Asian Tiger Mosquito- This mosquito is found reproducing in tires mostly and other artificial containers.  They produce multiple generations per year and will overwinter in the egg stage.  They will feed primarily during day hours, but like late afternoon or early morning best.  They don't travel far from the breeding site, and are very aggressive. 

Cattail Mosquito- This mosquito is found in permanent waters, especially where you find plants emerging, like cattails.  Their larvae will attach themselves to the plant stem, so using a larvacide may not be very effective.  They like to feed on darker days from dusk time on till around midnight.  They overwinter in the larvae form in all instars.  The females have a severe bite.

Floodwater Mosquito- This mosquito is generally found in temporary puddles in the open and general flood water areas due to excessive rain.  They will overwinter in the egg form.  They will have multiple generations through the year depending on rain fall.  They like to feed mostly at dusk, but will feed on you during the day in shady areas.

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