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American Roaches

Pest Identification

Depending on which part of the country you're from, this roach is called a "water bug" or even a "palmetto bug".  It is about 1-1/12 inches long and is reddish brown with some yellow margins just behind the head to the base of the wings on the "pronotum".  This roach is found mostly in warm climates, southern states, and will be transported to cold climates through furniture, equipment, etc. from warmer climates.  This roach does not tolerate cold climate well, but as we like to say, "It is always summer temperatures in your home".  They don't normally establish themselves in kitchens. They will be found in basement areas, crawl spaces, sewers, and underground steam lines.  The female will deposit her egg capsule "oothecae" in a safe place to develop.  In 6-8 weeks, the babies "nymphs" hatch and will need 6-12 months to mature.  The nymphs will go through 13 moultings or "instars" before becoming a reproductive adult.

Do you have American Roaches?

Our Method of Success

The use of granular baits, gel baits, glue boards, and other products are required to gain control of an infestation.  DO NOT USE AN OVER THE COUNTER FOGGER to control this roach, this will only push them to other areas such as wall voids and other rooms not seeing them before.

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