We Work with Many Different Types of Commercial Buildings

Manufacturing (AIB and SQF Certification)

Warehouse, distribution and Manufacturing are essential for producing and shipping consumer products. There is constant flow of materials in and out of facilities making it easy for unwanted pest to hitchhike in boxes, pallets and through overhead doors. Millers Pest Control uses current technology for scanning equipment to create trending reports to adapt the pest control program to the needs of the building. These reports will keep you compliant with your AIB and SQF Certifications.

Apartment Buildings

There are many factors that cause pest issues in apartment style living. The tenants and/or building can be densely populated or the building is and it doesn’t take much for the pests to get out of control. We help Landlord and Property Managers work with their tenants with bedbugs, cockroaches, rats, ants, mice and more. We can be your eyes and ears and note conditions that tenants may not be reporting to you so that we can have a successful treatment results.


You don’t want to ruin a customer’s dinner by finding a fly, seeing a cockroach or mouse droppings. We see more and more authentic cuisine restaurants and this causes the State of Vermont to become exposed to the pest problems of other countries. Some restaurants order direct from other countries and their pest problems can become your pest problems. We service small dinners to large sit down restaurants. We take care of the Mosquito’s in restaurants with outside seating, so your patrons eating dinner don’t become dinner. We keep your identity confidential to the public. Opening a new restaurant? We can work with the Food inspector to get you up to code.


We implement an IPM (Integrated Pest Management) program for your pest control needs. The health and safety of the teachers and students are our number one priority. The laws are getting a lot more strict when it comes to daycares and schools, and having a pest control professional taking care of any known pest problems is a requirement (the spray that the custodians used to be allowed to apply is now illegal). Our programs reduce the use of pesticides used indoors and rely on other means to getting your pests under control. We create a unique pest control program for each location.

Convenience Stores

People always need to stop in to the store around the corner because they forgot something. Don’t let your pest problems keep customers away. We create a pest program tailored to the needs of the store, from spiders along the gas canopies, to the lights on the exterior attracting pests to your doors. Keep the pests away and not the customers.


The only impression you want to leave with your guest is a positive one. We can control your pest issues before you become a negative review. The fastest way to lose superhost status is for a guest to have an unexpected encounter with a pest. The common pest issues that people complain about are stinging insects, mosquitoes, mice, ants and bats. We provide a pest control program so that your guests will have the most wonderful experience as a guest in your home.

Office Buildings

Don’t let pest issues make a negative impact on your clients when visiting your office. Office buildings are not the typical place for pests until the employees or customers bring them in. Don't let pest issues interfere with work productivity and allow Millers Pest Control to create a proactive program for your specific pest needs. A variety of programs are available from a quarterly service to a monthly service or even a one-time service.


With students coming in from all around the globe, colleges become a lot more worldly than locally, which presents a lot of unique pest infestations. An abundant supply of food, water and shelter makes colleges an ideal habitat for pests. We understand the unique pest control challenges facing university campuses. Our method of success starts with a comprehensive, on-site inspection, which we then use to design a pest management program.


We understand that with a variety of different paritioners throughout the neighboring towns, pest infestations can occur unexpectedly by transferring from homes to church. We work with the church to come up with a one-time treatment or a pest control program to promote a pest free environment. We provide discreet, on-demand church pest control to satisfy your scheduling needs. Churches are highly susceptible to roaches, ants, mice, bees and spiders, especially if the church is an older building.