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Brown Banded Roaches

Pest Identification

This roach can be found just about anywhere in the United States.  This roach does not require as much moisture as the German Roach, so they can be dispersed throughout the home.  They are not as common in restaurants and thrive in residential structures.  They avoid light, so activity will be heaviest at night time.  They are identified as tan to light brown, about 5/8" in length with 2 light colored bands across the wings and abdomen.  A female roach will carry the egg capsule called an "oothecae" for about 36 hours and then deposit it under furniture, cabinets, etc.  Each capsule has about 10-18 eggs in it and will take about 90 days for the "nymph" to become a reproductive adult. 

Do you have Brown Banded Roaches?

Our Method of Success

Using a granular bait, gel bait, glue boards are essential to gain control of an infestation. In some cases, drilling may need to be done and a residual dust injected into inaccessible areas. DO NOT USE AN OVER THE COUNTER FOGGER to control this roach, this will only push them to other areas such as wall voids and other rooms not seeing them before.

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