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Brown Rats

Pest Identification

This rat is also known as a Norway Rat, Sewer Rat, or Common Rat.  It originated from northern China and spread worldwide except for Antarctica.  It is considered the second most successful mammal on the planet due to their population.  Rats do not reproduce as quickly as mice, but given the ideal conditions, they will have up to 5 litters a year with an average of 7 in the litter.  They have very good hearing and very poor eyesight.  They are a colonizing species with a dominant male to rule them.  When rats invade a property, burrows will be found along with foundations, under debris, in fields, crawlspaces, and basements.  When in a structure, they will create a tunnel system to maneuver in wall voids, attic spaces, and eventually into the rooms.

Do you have Brown Rats?

Our Method of Success

The control of rats is obtained by a consistent rodenticide program to eliminate the population.  Traps can be used, but the latest studies show the rat will become trap smart.  DO NOT ELIMINATE THE FOOD SOURCE CURRENTLY USED BY THE RATS. This will cause stress on the colony and make them unpredictable. Eliminating food sources, such as chicken coops, bird feeders, and grain piles can be done once the colony population is eliminated.  

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