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Deer Mice

Pest Identification

This mouse gets its name because of the physical characteristics of mirroring deer.  They always have a white belly and feet, but the top can range in color from a light brown to a black.  This mouse has large ears and large eyes giving them good hearing and good eyesight.  This species is the one vector that spreads disease such as Hantavirus and Lyme disease. The reproduction of this mouse is usually determined by food source, but not always.  The less food there is, the more unlikely they will reproduce quickly. 

Do you have Deer Mice?

Our Method of Success

The control of the Deer mouse is attained by using a rodenticide. Traps can be used, but the latest studies show mice eventually become trap smart. The rodenticide, when placed correctly, will indicate 3 important pieces of information to obtain control and complete eradication. First is to find the travel patterns of the mice. By doing this, the second piece of information that can be learned which is to find entry points.  The travel patterns could lead to a construction flaw not even noticed or to the “obvious" entry point.  The third piece of information determined is the population of the mice by the amount of rodenticide eaten.  We have found that when all three pieces of information are learned, total control can be achieved. 

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