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Flour Beetles

Pest Identification

There are 2 different types of flour beetles we deal with.  One is the Confused Flour Beetle and the Red Flour Beetle.  The habits of both are very much the same, just different physical characteristics.  These beetles are about 1/8" and are reddish brown in color.  The main physical characteristic is the antennae of the beetles.  The Confused Flour Beetle's antennae will increase gradually with four clubs on the end, while the Red Flour Beetle will have only three clubs on the end. 

Do you have Flour Beetles?

Our Method of Success

The control is the same for both, find the source that is infested.  It may not be just one item, most times it will be multiple items by the time you notice them.  Once removed, a crack and crevice treatment are required.

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