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Garter Snakes

Pest Identification

There are many snakes that live in the State of Vermont.  The best way to find out what snake is a nuisance to you, we would have to come out and look.  If the situation is a little bit more difficult, then we can have our snake professional come out and physically remove the snakes.  This snake is also known as the Gardener Snake.  There are many species of this snake and it is harmless to you.  It does sometimes bite while trying to protect itself.  Their food source ranges from frogs, slugs, earthworms, ants, rodents, etc.  These snakes will inhabit fields, forests, grasslands, and even lawns.  Most of the time, a rock retaining wall is the location of habitat. 

Do you have Garter Snakes?

Our Method of Success

The control of this snake could be difficult if the food supply is plentiful and if the conditions allow them to the harbor near a structure.  Our snake professional will come out, assess the area, and determine harborage and will physically remove the snakes found.

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