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German Roaches

Pest Identification

This roach is the most common roach found infesting structures. They are most commonly found in any type of structure ranging from schools, restaurants, food processing, hotels, apartments, commercial buildings, to private homes. They are easily identified by two vertical lines just behind the head to the base of the wings on the "pronotum".  The infestation can come from shopping at a grocery store to having someone visit from out of town, bringing them in luggage.  The areas of concern will start with kitchens and bathrooms, then spread to other areas as they reproduce.  The main problem with this roach is its ability to reproduce at a fast rate.  Growing from egg to a reproductive adult takes only 40-50 days.  A female roach will carry the egg capsule called an "oothecae", to protect it from predators.  Once mature, roughly 35-45 babies emerge called "nymphs".  The nymphs go through several growing stages called "instars".  There are about 6-7 instars before becoming an adult.  The nymph sheds its exoskeleton to enable it to grow.  The control of this roach is not as difficult as it has been in the past. 

Do you have German Roaches?

Our Method of Success

The use of gel baits, granular baits, glue boards, and other products are essential to gain control of an infestation.  DO NOT USE AN OVER THE COUNTER FOGGER to control this roach, this will only push them to other areas such as wall voids and other rooms not seeing them before.

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