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Indian Meal Moths

Pest Identification

These moths commonly invade a wide variety of products found in your pantry and garage.  These products are flour, cereal, spices, birdseed, dog food, cat food, beans, etc.  The moth lays eggs in the grain, and after it hatches, white worms, or larvae, with a red head will appear eating the grain and building webs in the food.  The worm will usually leave the food source and pupate on the shelf, along the edge of ceilings, or any other place they deem worthy.  The adult moth will then emerge from the pupae and the whole process starts over again once they find more food to infest.

Do you have Indian Meal Moths?

Our Method of Success

The solution is to find the source that is infested.  It may not be just one item, most times it will be multiple items by the time you notice them.  Once removed, a crack and crevice treatment is required and Pheromone traps placed to capture the male moths.  A word of caution, be thoroughly looking in food products or the problem could last for months.

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