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Northern House Moquitoes

Pest Identification

It is the most common species encountered.  This mosquito can be found in permanent waters like lakes and ponds, but can also be found in old tire puddles and drainage ditches.  They like high organic nutrient content, so clean or polluted water will be used.  They produce multiple generations during the breeding season and overwinter as an inseminated female.  They primarily feed at dusk and dawn but have been known to feed all night.

Do you have Northern House Moquitoes?

Our Method of Success

The most important step in mosquito control is controlling the source of reproduction.  Eliminating the source, if possible, is crucial to the control of mosquitoes.  Some kinds of mosquitoes are vectors of carrying and transferring disease.  There have been cases of West Nile Virus in Vermont, as well as horses and humans showing Eastern Equine Encephalitis (EEE).  Protection from mosquitos is very important, especially when new vectors get introduced like the Zika Virus. The best control for the adults is fogging a treatment into shrubs, wood lines, and hedgerows. A larvacide is used when standing water is present.

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