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Pest Identification

There are many different birds out there that can become a nuisance to you around your home or workplace.  Pigeons are the most common nuisance bird when it comes to commercial buildings.  They like to roost in the most inconvenient areas for everyone, leaving behind their droppings to make a huge mess.  There are a few ways to eliminate roosting areas.

Do you have Pigeons?

Our Method of Success

We will inspect the area, create an exclusion plan, and eliminate the roosting area for them.  There is a wide range of products to deal with pigeons. The use of spikes, bird netting, and shock tracks can be used to eliminate roosting areas. Once the roosting area is eliminated, the droppings can be cleaned up, eliminating this health hazard.  WARNING, THERE IS A PROCESS TO CLEANING UP THE DROPPINGS.  THEY ARE CONSIDERED HAZARDOUS WASTE.

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