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Pest Identification

This rodent looks like a mouse, but as I like to say, "It is like a mouse on steroids".  The vole has a shorter tail, a much more stout body, and a rounded face than a mouse.  They have between 5-10 litters each year with litters averaging 5-10 young.  They are sometimes called meadow mice.  Once the snow melts in the spring, you may see surface trails by voles between the snow and ground.  They tend to burrow like rats but will utilize stone landscaping around structures.  They thrive on small plants, but can live on nuts, fruit, and even eat other dead animals. 

Do you have Voles?

Our Method of Success

The control of them is a combination of mouse and rat control.  Some will enter the structure, but control on the exterior is crucial.  A rodenticide is a necessity.

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