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Pest Identification

There are a few kinds of weevils that we deal with.  One is the Rice Weevil and the other is known as the Grain Weevil.  Both infest grains, but the difference between weevils and other stored product pests is that weevils eat the grain from inside out. The adult is usually the only part of the life cycle seen.  The Grain Weevil is about 3-5mm in length and can take as little as 5 weeks to go through their entire life cycle.  The adults are reddish brown with a distinct snout.  There are no distinguishing marks on the body and they are not able to fly.  The Rice Weevil is about 2mm in length.  This weevil is brown/black in color with four red/orange spots across the wing covers, and they have the ability to fly.  It can survive for up to two years. 

Do you have Weevils?

Our Method of Success

The control is the same for both, find the source that is infested.  It may not be just one item, most times it will be multiple items by the time you notice them.  Once removed, a crack and crevice treatment are required.

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