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Carpenter Ants

Pest Identification

There are two species of Carpenter Ant in the State of Vermont the most common one is the Black Carpenter Ant (Pennsylvanicus).  This ant will have one main colony and multiple satellite colonies. This ant may forage for food ranging up to 300 feet, so if wooded areas are near your home, you may have a nest affecting your home almost 300 feet away. The main colony is not always the nest that invades your home, satellite colonies usually invade the home. They look for moist wood or foam insulation to infest usually, and can also be found in wall voids.

The other species that may invade your home, is the New York Carpenter Ant. This ant can be distinguished from the Black Carpenter Ant by the dark red thorax (middle section) of the ant.  This ant takes on most of the characteristics of the Black Carpenter Ant, but usually will be the ant that you see saw dust coming out of windows, doors, and wall voids.

Do you have Carpenter Ants?

Our Method of Success

By using the proper exterior control, with some limited baiting or drilling/dusting methods, the ants will be eliminated.

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